As we’re starting to test the Linux and Windows versions of Electric Drummer there have been some basic questions. I thought I should respond publicly so people understand what we’re doing.

Electric Drummer or E/D for short, is an app that runs on the desktop, hosted by its operating system. Like a word processor or a graphics program. It’s most like Slack or the Atom editor, but it’s Drummer, a multi-tab outliner for note-taking, organizing and publishing.
It runs in Electron, a beautiful environment that makes cross-platform apps easier to create and manage.
E/D saves files on your local file system as any desktop app does.
It can also hook up to your web Drummer account for outlines that you want to make public. It’s how I do Scripting News. The outline that I edit is on my local system,. It’s also a public file, so it can be accessed by

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