The rise of remote instruction left many parents freshly aware of (and annoyed by) the shortcomings of Zoom school, but for Letha McLaren, COVID-19 brought an epiphany: the importance of a headset.
McLaren’s son, who deals with executive dysfunction, was better able to focus through the screen because he used a headset that blocked out some other noises. With the device, he could hear what the teacher was saying at all times, and better yet, was keener on paying attention. McLaren, in turn, learned what her son, a straight-A student, responds best to.
The broader takeaway for McLaren was that traditional classrooms don’t serve all students due to learning and thinking differences. So, she teamed up with longtime friend Suchi Deshpande to help a market of parents who found themselves in a similar boat, trying to find a better format for educating their children. Learnfully is a personalized learning platform that connects

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