As of this afternoon, if you try to go to — the confusing URL that used to host the internet’s favorite daily word puzzle — the website will redirect to the New York Times’ website. There, we’re greeted with an uncannily familiar webpage, yet something feels slightly amiss, until you realize: the title “Wordle” now sports the New York Times’ signature typeface, a departure from the classic Helvetica we’ve grown to expect.
Image Credits: Screenshot by TechCrunch
It was only last week that the New York Times announced it would purchase Josh Wardle’s viral hit for an amount of money in the “low seven figures.” But already, the legacy publisher is making moves — a URL redirect! Even three hours ago, when the New York Times published a list of tips and tricks for Wordle, they hyperlinked to the old “power language” URL — perhaps those writers are as nostalgic as

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