At the end of the year 2000, Noah Grey created the free and open-source blogging software Greymatter (now maintained by a community of users). Wil Wheaton’s new book describes it as “the original, primordial blogging platform. Blogs look like they do… because Noah Grey did it first.”
Three days ago Noah Grey created a Gofundme campaign headlined “I am losing my home in four days.”
“I am deeply ashamed and afraid of having to doing this, but I have no choice.”
My sister and I are about to lose our house. It’s being foreclosed next Tuesday (May 3rd)… unless we can pay $35,000 before then. (We could pay $23k and get to keep the house for now, but will be left to pay off the rest over an unknown amount of time….)

I don’t know who among the few friends I have that will read this can contribute anything at all,

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