After offering them for over a decade, Heroku today announced that it will eliminate all of its free services — pushing users to paid plans. Starting November 28, the Salesforce-owned cloud platform as a service will stop providing free product plans and shut down free data services and soon (on October 26) will begin deleting inactive accounts and associated storage for accounts that have been inactive for over a year.
In a blog post, Bob Wise, Heroku general manager and Salesforce EVP, blamed “abuse” on the demise of the free services, which span the free plans for Heroku Dynos and Heroku Postgres as well as the free plan for Heroku Data for Redis. “Our product, engineering, and security teams are spending an extraordinary amount of effort to manage fraud and abuse of the Heroku free product plans,” Wise said. “We will continue to provide low-cost solutions for compute and data resources.”

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