The social media platform Discord recently published its quarterly safety report which notes that some 55,573,411 accounts and 68,379 servers were “disabled” between January and June, 2022. From a report: According to the company, the vast majority of these were taken offline for “spam or spam-related offenses.” The number of accounts that were disabled for reasons other than spam definitely pales in comparison, amounting to a mere 1,821,721. The bans in this category were mostly handed out for issues relating to “child safety” or “exploitative and unsolicited content.” Discord seems to be justified in disabling these accounts and closing the affected servers, at least broadly speaking. Successful appeals came to only two percent in the first quarter and less than one percent in the second quarter of this year, meaning that of the 235,945 users who called for a second opinion about their ban, only 3,098 of them were reinstated

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