“More than 70,000 users joined Mastodon on the day after Musk’s Twitter takeover announcement,” writes Slashdot reader votsalo. “Mastodon is a six-year-old decentralized social media platform that uses ‘federated’ servers.” The Guardian’s Wilfred Chan writes: I joined Mastodon this week, and it took a few hours just to master its new vocabulary. Some of it is a little silly-sounding: instead of tweets, you have “toots”. Things get trickier after that. Mastodon is not a single website but a network of thousands of websites called “instances”, also called servers. These servers are “federated”, which means they are run by different entities but can still communicate with each other without needing to go through a central system. And the space they all exist in is called the “fediverse,” which some savvy tooters call “the Fedi.”

When you sign up for Mastodon, the first thing you do is choose a server. There are

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