Enlarge / Different brush types, each with their own thickness settings, will let you make more varied-looking and true-to-life notes and illustrations on the Kindle Scribe. (credit: Amazon)

Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is very nice hardware with a software problem—namely, that its operating system was designed with reading in mind, and the writing features feel underbaked compared to a writing-centric tablet like the reMarkable 2.

Amazon announced today that it would be “rolling out regular, free software updates” for the Scribe this year, starting with a small one today that expands on some of the Scribe’s existing features.
On the writing front, the new Scribe update enables fountain pen, marker, and pencil brush types, each of which includes five different thickness options (the Scribe doesn’t support pressure sensitivity, so changing the thickness manually is the only way to make lighter or heavier lines). There are also new features for organizing and

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