Web development platform Netlify today announced that it has acquired its competitor Gatsby, the company behind the opensource GatsbyJS framework. Gatsby, which had raised a total of $46.8 million, including a $28 million Series B led by Index Ventures in 2020, never quite got the traction that competitors like Netlify itself or Vercel saw in recent years, despite seeing solid growth of its commercial cloud platform. Meanwhile, Netlify now has customers like Twilio, Mattel and Verizon and hosts more than 3 million developers on its platform, according to its own data. The two companies did not disclose the purchase price.
A year or two ago, we would’ve put all of these companies under the “JAMStack” monicker, where JAM stands for JavaScript, API and Markup — a term coined by Netlify co-founder and CEO Mathias Biilmann. Today, you’ll get a cheery email from their PR firms if you say that, since the

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