Atlassian today announced the launch of Atlassian Intelligence, the company’s AI-driven “virtual teammate” that leverages the company’s own models in conjunction with OpenAI’s large language models to create custom teamwork graphs and enable features like AI-generated summaries in Confluence and test plans in Jira Software, or rewriting responses to customers in Jira Service Management.
These new features will only come to Atlassian’s cloud-based offerings. The company doesn’t currently have plans to bring it to its data center editions.
Image Credits: Atlassian
Every company, it seems, is trying to add ChatGPT-enabled features to its service these days, but few companies have the kind of reach and mindshare as Atlassian, especially with developers. Over the course of the last few years, the company also branched out well beyond its original focus on developers to include IT departments and other teams that interface with developers. This now gives it a rather unique view into how teams

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