The march toward an open source ChatGPT-like AI continues.
Today, Databricks released Dolly 2.0, a text-generating AI model that can power apps like chatbots, text summarizers and basic search engines. It’s the successor to the first-generation Dolly, which was released in late March. And — importantly — it’s licensed to allow independent developers and companies alike to use it commercially.
So why is Databricks — a firm whose bread and butter is data analytics — open-sourcing a text-generating AI model? Philanthropy, says CEO Ali Ghodsi.
“We are in favor of more open and transparent large language models (LLMs) in the market in general because we want companies to be able build, train and own AI-powered chatbot and other productivity apps using their own proprietary data sets,” Ghodsi told TechCrunch via email. “We might be the first, but hope not to be the last.”
I find it hard to believe that a venture-backed company like

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