Magazine app Flipboard is furthering its investment in the Fediverse — the distributed social media ecosystem that includes apps like Mastodon and others — with its newly announced plan to establish its first editorial desks to curate news for the wider federated community. Initially, the company will launch four desks — News, Tech, Culture, and Science — which it says won’t be automated by bots, but instead by professional curators who have expertise in discovering and elevating interesting content.
The company already understands the ins and out of curation, having built an app that lets users organize articles and updates, including those from social networks, into personalized magazines which can also be shared with others.
But more recently, Flipboard has shifted its focus to embracing the open social web and the Fediverse, with the launch of its own Mastodon server and announcement of its plans to more deeply integrate with the ActivityPub, the

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