Danish company LMS365, an online learning management system (LMS) built for use inside Microsoft products, has raised $20 million in its first institutional round of funding.
Used by companies including logistics giant Hellmann and soda bottling franchise G&J Pepsi, LMS365 allows users to create their own courses from scratch or import them from a third-party such as Go1 or LinkedIn Learning, which LMS365 announced a partnership with just last month.
Embedding a learning management system directly into workers’ core everyday tools is one of LMS365’s core selling points versus incumbents in the LMS space such as Workday, Eloomi, or TalentLMS.
“LMS365 does not invent a technology problem, but meets the professionals where they are,” CEO Rasmus Holst explained to TechCrunch.
Under the hood
With the LMS365 course creator and learning module builder, users can drag-and-drop elements from existing content housed in Microsoft Office software including PowerPoint, Word, and Stream. Or they can import pre-existing courses or

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