The recently introduced RESTRICT Act, otherwise known as the “TikTok ban,” is a dangerous substitute for comprehensive data privacy legislation, writes the Electronic Frontier Foundation in a blog post. From the post: As we wrote in our initial review of the bill, the RESTRICT Act would authorize the executive branch to block ‘transactions’ and ‘holdings’ of ‘foreign adversaries’ that involve ‘information and communication technology’ and create ‘undue or unacceptable risk’ to national security and more. We’ve explained our opposition to the RESTRICT Act and urged everyone who agrees to take action against it. But we’ve also been asked to address some of the concerns raised by others. We do that here in this post. At its core, RESTRICT would exempt certain information services from the federal statute, known as the Berman Amendments, which protects the free flow of information in and out of the United States and supports the fundamental

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