Logitech is merging its gaming headset maker, Astro, and microphone manufacturer, Blue Microphones, into its Logitech G brand. While the Astro brand will continue as a premium console audio product series under Logitech G, the Blue brand will be phased out. The Verge reports: You can already see the transition playing out on Logitech’s website, which still sells Yeti and even Snowball microphones that merely come “with Blue VO!CE” but no longer links to a distinct Blue website or product page. Astrogaming.com, however, still exists.

It’s not clear why Logitech is minimizing its influential brands Astro and Blue, which defined the high-end gaming headset category and the microphone-for-streamers category, respectively, but I wonder if Logitech simply decided it had to choose between Blue and Yeti — and Yeti was the name that rang out. However, Logitech’s simply pitching it as a synergy play: you’ll be able to control all your

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