Automatic transcription service Otter announced a new AI-powered chatbot today that will let participants ask questions during and after a meeting and help them collaborate with teammates.
Otter AI Chat will help you catch up to the meeting if you ask “I’m late to the meeting! What did I miss?” or generate a follow-up email with action points after the meeting is finished. The new chatbot helps users get contextual answers based on what was discussed in the meeting.
In March, Zoom announced a similar feature for its users to provide meeting summaries in case they are late.
Image Credits: Otter
The company said that Otter’s bot can provide answers to multiple people — unlike bots like ChatGPT, which focus on 1:1 conversations. Teammates can also tag each other for clarification or action items. Until now, Otter let you do that through comments on the transcript.
Otter mentioned that it is transcribing over 1 million

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