Twitter was even messier than usual this weekend. On Saturday, owner Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter would combat “extreme levels of data scraping,” by limiting accounts that don’t subscribe to Twitter Blue so that they could see only 600 posts per day. Once you hit the quota, almost any act on the site would trigger a “rate-limit exceeded” error.
After yet another moment of Musk-fueled chaos, users once again turned to some of the numerous Twitter competitors for refuge, which experienced a wild few days of growth.
Of all these new apps, Spill seemed to win the weekend. Founded by Black ex-Twitter employees, Spill’s goal is to build a social platform for diverse communities from the get-go, rather than as an afterthought. The app launched in a closed beta just a few weeks ago, but according to Spill, more than 100,000 people created accounts on the app this weekend.
Spill has been successful

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