What does one expect from a website builder in 2023? That’s the question many startups — and incumbents — are trying to answer as the landscape changes, driven by trends in generative AI. Do no-code drag-and-drop interfaces still make sense in an era of prompts and media-generating models? And what’s the right level of abstraction that won’t alienate more advanced users?
Wix, a longtime fixture of the web building space, is betting that today’s customers don’t particularly care to spend time customizing every aspect of their site’s appearance.
The company’s new AI Site Generator tool, announced today, will let Wix users describe their intent and generate a website complete with a homepage, inner pages and text and images — as well as business-specific sections for events, bookings and more. Avishai Abrahami, Wix’s co-founder and CEO, says that the goal was to provide customers with “real value” as they build their sites and

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