Threads, the Meta-owned Twitter clone that launched this week, will always be hindered by its own content guidelines. The app is dry at best, and at worst, leeching your personal data.
With 30 million downloads in less than a day of its launch, Threads is poised to compete with Twitter’s sheer volume of users.
Though countless text-based social platforms have dazzled users upon launch before fading to obscurity since Elon Musk’s takeover, Threads has the unique advantage of seamlessly integrating with Instagram. Users don’t have to start from scratch when they sign up for Threads — the app gives users the option of automatically following everyone they already follow on Instagram. You don’t have to scour through the rubble of a brand new social platform to find your mutuals, and you don’t have to learn entirely new features since the interface is nearly identical to that of Twitter’s.
And unlike the other text posting

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