I’m having a great time with my new librarian assistant, Miriam.
Basically she’s an AI chatbot that has ingested a lot of the OPML files from my archive.
I did the writing, the development was done by Automattic. I get to be a user here. Very relaxing.
So the other day I very casually asked Miriam how the weather was.
I asked Miriam how the weather is.
Being software, she dutifully answered the question, by referring me to various times I had discussed the weather on Scripting News.

We don’t yet have a way to archive the results of queries, which will, when it’s ready allow me to share the actual query with you, so you can take it off in different directions if you’re so inclined.

A surprising take-away: I really like how she summarized my blog posts. Since Automattic also makes WordPress, which is used for blogging I thought this

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