With a big-budget space exploration game debuting in days, indie spacefaring mainstay No Man’s Sky continues to deepen its own world with no signs of slowing down.
No Man’s Sky is one of gaming’s biggest unlikely success stories: After launching as a widespread letdown, the team at Hello Games dedicated themselves to steadily enriching the game’s interstellar setting with free updates over the course of the last seven years.
The game’s latest infusion of fresh content is called Echoes and introduces a new robotic alien civilization for anthropologically-inclined players to study, among many other updates. The new alien race apparently adds a chain of missions packed with hours of narrative questing as the player explores where these scrap metal-lookin’ guys came from and what they’re all about. That includes new cloaked encampments on inhabited worlds, secret monolith-powered visions and a fresh lexicon to uncover.

No Man’s Sky Echoes
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