Nvidia is partnering with AI startup Hugging Face to expand access to AI compute.
Timed to coincide with the annual SIGGRAPH conference this week, Nvidia announced that it’ll support a new Hugging Face service, called Training Cluster as a Service, to simplify the creation of new and custom generative AI models for the enterprise.
Set to roll out in the coming months, Training Cluster as a Service will be powered by DGX Cloud, Nvidia’s all-inclusive AI “supercomputer” in the cloud. DGX Cloud includes access to a cloud instance with eight Nvidia H100 or A100 GPUs and 640GB of GPU memory, as well as Nvidia’s AI Enterprise software to develop AI apps and large language models, and consultations with Nvidia experts.
Companies can subscribe to DGX Cloud on their own — pricing starts at $36,999 per instance for a month. But Training Cluster as a Service integrates DGX Cloud infrastructure with Hugging Face’s platform

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