Nvidia announced an updated AI processor that gives a jolt to the chip’s capacity and speed, seeking to cement the company’s dominance in a burgeoning market. From a report: The Grace Hopper Superchip, a combination graphics chip and processor, will get a boost from a new type of memory, Nvidia said Tuesday at the Siggraph conference in Los Angeles. The product relies on high-bandwidth memory 3, or HBM3e, which is able to access information at a blazing 5 terabytes per second. The Superchip, known as GH200, will go into production in the second quarter of 2024, Nvidia said. It’s part of a new lineup of hardware and software that was announced at the event, a computer-graphics expo where Chief Executive Officer Jensen Huang is speaking.

[…] The latest Nvidia products are designed to spread generative AI — and its underlying hardware — to even more industries by making the technology

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