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Private equity plunderers want to buy Simon & Schuster: From the same parasites that infected your hospital’s emergency room and sucked Toys R Us dry.

Hey look at this: Delights to delectate.

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Private equity plunderers want to buy Simon & Schuster (permalink)
Last November, publishing got some excellent news: the planned merger of Penguin Random House (the largest publisher in the history of human civilization) with its immediate competitor Simon & Schuster would not be permitted, thanks to the DOJ’s deftly argued case against the deal:

Pluralistic: 07 Nov 2022 The good news is that Penguin Random House can’t buy all the other publishers

When I was a baby writer, there were dozens of large NY publishers. Today, there are five – and it was almost four. A publishing sector with five giant companies is bad news for writers (as Stephen King said at the trial, the idea that PRH and S&S would bid against each

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