Timed to coincide with SIGGRAPH, the annual AI academic conference, Nvidia this morning announced a new platform designed to let users create, test and customize generative AI models on a PC or workstation before scaling them to a data center and public cloud.
“In order to democratize this ability we have to make it possible to run pretty much everywhere,” said Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang during a keynote at the event.
Dubbed AI Workbench, the service can be accessed through a basic interface running on a local workstation. Using it, developers can fine-tune and test models from popular repositories like Hugging Face and GitHub using proprietary data, and they can access cloud computing resources when the need to scale arises.
Manuvir Das, VP of enterprise computing at Nvidia, says that the impetus for AI Workbench was the challenge — and time-consuming nature — of customizing large AI models. Enterprise-scale AI projects

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