The BBC reports:
Doctor Who’s first writer could finally be recognised 60 years after he helped launch the hugely-popular series. Anthony Coburn penned the first four episodes of the sci-fi drama in 1963 — a story called An Unearthly Child. But after his second story did not air, the writer has been seen as a minor figure among some Doctor Who fans.

However, a campaign to erect a memorial to Coburn in his home town of Herne Bay, Kent, is gathering pace a month ahead of the show’s 60th anniversary.
A local elected councillor told the BBC they’re working to find a location for the memorial.

The BBC writes that Coburn’s episode — broadcast November 23, 1963 — “introduced the character of The Doctor, his three travelling companions, and his time and space machine, the TARDIS, stuck in the form of a British police box.”
Richard Bignell, a Doctor Who historian, believes

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