SpzToid writes: Ubuntu 23.10, codenamed Mantic Minotaur, is the 39th Ubuntu release, and it’s one of the three smaller interim releases Canonical puts out between long-term support (LTS) versions. This last interim before the next LTS doesn’t stand out with bold features you can identify at a glance. But it does set up some useful options and upgrades that should persist in Ubuntu for some time.

Two of the biggest changes in Ubuntu 23.10 are in the installer. Ubuntu now defaults to a “Default installation,” which is quite different from what the “default” was even just one release prior. “Default” is described as “Just the essentials, web browser, and basic utilities,” while “Full” is “An offline-friendly selection of office tools, utilities, web browser, and games.” “Default” is somewhat similar to what “Minimal” used to be in prior versions, while “Full” is intended for those who are offline or have slow

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