Last week the Linux Foundation announced its Civil Infrastructure Platform project “has expanded its super-long-term stable kernel program with a 6.1-based series.

“Just like for the previously started kernel series (4.4-cip, 4.19-cip and 5.10-cip), the project is committed to maintaining the 6.1-cip kernel for a minimum of 10 years after its initial release.”

The Civil Infrastructure Platform project is establishing an open source base layer of industrial grade Linux to enable the use and implementation of software building blocks for civil infrastructure. The project’s kernels are maintained like regular long-term-stable kernels, and developers of the CIP kernel are also involved in long-term-stable kernel review and testing.

While regular long-term-stable kernels are moving back to 2 years maintenance, CIP kernels are set up for 10 years. In order to enable this extended lifetime, CIP kernels are scoped-down in actively supported kernel features and target architecture. At the same time, CIP kernels accept

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