Canonical hosted an amusingly failure-filled demo of its new easy-to-install, Ubuntu-powered tool for building small-to-medium scale, on-premises high-availability clusters, Microcloud, at an event in London yesterday. From a report: The intro to the talk leaned heavily on Canonical’s looming 20th anniversary, and with good reason. Ubuntu has carved out a substantial slice of the Linux market for itself on the basis of being easier to use than most of its rivals, at no cost — something that many Linux players still seem not to fully comprehend. The presentation was as buzzword-heavy as one might expect, and it’s also extensively based on Canonical’s in-house tech, such as the LXD containervisor, Snap packaging, and, optionally, the Ubuntu Core snap-based immutable distro. (The only missing buzzword didn’t crop up until the Q&A session, and we were pleased by its absence: it’s not built on and doesn’t use Kubernetes, but you can run Kubernetes

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