A 16-year-old high school student reverse engineered Apple’s messaging protocol, leading to the launch of an interoperable Android app called “Beeper Mini”.

But on Friday the Verge reported that “less than a week after its launch, the app started experiencing technical issues when users were suddenly unable to send and receive blue bubble messages.”

Reached for comment, Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky did not deny that Apple has successfully blocked Beeper Mini. “If it’s Apple, then I think the biggest question is… if Apple truly cares about the privacy and security of their own iPhone users, why would they stop a service that enables their own users to now send encrypted messages to Android users, rather than using unsecure SMS…? Beeper Mini is here today and works great. Why force iPhone users back to sending unencrypted SMS when they chat with friends on Android?”

Apple says they’re unable to verify that end-to-end

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