UPDATE: John Romero released a new 9-map episode of Doom.

But it was 30 years ago today that Doom “invented the modern PC games industry, as a place dominated by technologically advanced action shooters,” remembers the Guardian:

In late August 1993, a young programmer named Dave Taylor walked into an office block… The carpets, he discovered, were stained with spilled soda, the ceiling tiles yellowed by water leaks from above. But it was here that a team of five coders, artists and designers were working on arguably the most influential action video game ever made. This was id Software. This was Doom… [W]hen Taylor met id’s charismatic designer and coder John Romero, he was shown their next project… “There were no critters in it yet,” recalls Taylor of that first demo. “There was no gaming stuff at all. It was really just a 3D engine. But you could move around it

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