Flipboard, the social media magazine and news app, announced that it is starting to switch its user accounts to ActivityPub, a technology developed by the World Wide Web Consortium that makes social networks interoperable, “connecting everything to a single social graph and content-sharing system,” reports The Verge. From the report: Right now, only 25 accounts have been federated with ActivityPub, but by March Flipboard says it plans to allow anyone on the platform to open their account to the fediverse and allow any Flipboard user to follow any fediverse account from within the Flipboard app. At that point, Flipboard will essentially be an ActivityPub-based platform like Mastodon or Pixelfed but with an interface designed for reading articles instead of bite-sized posts. It’ll be the biggest thing in the fediverse — at least until Threads shows up for real.

“Basically, we’re in the process of replacing our whole social back-end with

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