Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor now includes a voice command that launches GitHub Copilot Chat just by saying “Hey Code.”

But one Linux blog notes that the editor has suddenly stopped supporting Ubuntu 18.04 LTS — “a move causing issues for scores of developers.”

VS Code 1.86 (aka the ‘January 2024’ update) saw Microsoft bump the minimum build requirements for the text editor’s popular remote dev tools to â¥glibc 2.28 — but Ubuntu 18.04 LTS uses glibc 2.27, ergo they no longer work.

While Ubuntu 18.04 is supported by Canonical until 2028 (through ESM) a major glibc upgrade is unlikely. Thus, this “breaking change” is truly breaking workflows…

It seems affected developers were caught off-guard as this (rather impactful) change was not signposted before, during, or after the VS Code update (which is installed automatically for most, and the update was pushed out to Ubuntu 18.04 machines). Indeed, most only

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