Quora “used to be a thriving community that worked to answer our most specific questions,” writes Slate. “But users are fleeing,” while the site hosts “a never-ending avalanche of meaningless, repetitive sludge, filled with bizarre, nonsensical, straight-up hateful, and A.I.-generated entries…”

The site has faced moderation issues, spam, trolls, and bots re-posting questions from Reddit (plus competition for ad revenue from sites like Facebook and Google which forced cuts in Quora’s support and moderation teams). But automating its moderation “did not improve the situation…

“Now Quora is even offering A.I.-generated images to accompany users’ answers, even though the spawned illustrations make little sense.”

To top it all off, after Quora began using A.I. to “generate machine answers on a number of selected question pages,” the site made clear the possibility that human-crafted answers could be used for training A.I. This meant that the detailed writing Quorans provided mostly for free would

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