An anonymous reader shares a report: Linus Torvalds has released version 6.8 of the Linux Kernel. “So it took a bit longer for the commit counts to come down this release than I tend to prefer,” Torvalds wrote on the Linx kernel mailing list on Sunday, “but a lot of that seemed to be about various selftest updates (networking in particular) rather than any actual real sign of problems.”

“And the last two weeks have been pretty quiet, so I feel there’s no real reason to delay 6.8.” So he delivered it, ending his own speculation that this cut of the kernel might need an eighth release candidate. Torvalds found time to note what he described as “a bit of random git numerology” as when work ended on this version of the kernel the git repository used to track it contained 9.996 million objects.”

“This is the last mainline kernel

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