Microsoft is partnering with tutoring organization Khan Academy to provide a generative AI assistant to all teachers in the U.S. for free. From a report: Khanmigo for Teachers, which helps teachers prepare lessons for class, is free to all educators in the U.S. as of Tuesday. The program can help create lessons, analyze student performance, plan assignments, and provide teachers with opportunities to enhance their own learning.

“Unlike most things in technology and education in the past where this is a ‘nice-to-have,’ this is a ‘must-have’ for a lot of teachers,” Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy, said in a CNBC “Squawk Box” interview last Friday ahead of the deal. Khan Academy has roughly 170 million registered users in over 50 languages around the world, and while its videos are best known, its interactive exercise platform was one which Microsoft-funded artificial intelligence company OpenAI’s top executives, Sam Altman

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